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Shane is absolutely amazing. He is the David Barton of the U.S. Constitution.

GLENN BECKHost of the Glenn Beck Program and TheBlaze

Mr. Krauser’s lecture is engaging and has the potential to redefine the public’s understanding of these United States. The content of his lectures challenges erroneous notions and opens minds to concepts that should have been taught to all of us from the cradle. Mr. Krauser’s mastery of constitutional doctrine allows him to make use of current events to make his course come alive.

TOM KOHLERFaculty at University of Phoenix/Attorney(Mesa, AZ)

When Shane Krauser talks about the Constitution, you get the feeling he participated with the original framers. His knowledge, passion, and commitment to constitutional education for all Americans is unmatched. Take a class or attend an event given by Shane, and you’ll never again take the Constitution for granted. You will feel proud when you hear the words from our pledge, ‘liberty and justice for all,’ and that is exactly what the American Academy for Constitutional Education is striving for.

DOUG BROWNChairman, Arizona Veterans Education Foundation(Phoenix, AZ)

What Shane Krauser is doing is unprecedented in America today. After being involved in one of his productions, I can say that this is what is missing in America. I haven’t seen or felt the vigor of movement of this intensity since the 1960s. This is how you lead a movement.

CLARENCE HENDERSONCivil Rights Leader and 1960 Sit-In Participant at the Woolworth’s RestaurantGreensboro, NC

Shane Krauser is the most dynamic speaker on the Constitution that I have ever heard.

BILL BISHRetired Radio & TV Broadcaster (Mesa, AZ)

I have heard Shane Krauser speak at various venues, political rallies, and as he has sat on expert panels to address various constitutional issues. Never before have I seen an area as broad and seemingly sophisticated as the Constitution taught in a way that leaves a person wanting more and, at the same time, empowered to promote and advocate change and accountability. Mr. Krauser interacts with his audience, challenges them intellectually, cuts to the core emotionally, and methodically helps his listeners understand the beauty of this timeless document.

ERNA ARNOLDHealth Care Provider (Mesa, AZ)

Shane Krauser is an engaging and entertaining speaker who has an impressive wealth of knowledge and education of U.S. history and our country’s founding documents. Whether he is discussing First Amendment rights or the merits of federalism, Shane has the innate and practiced ability to communicate complex principles in a way that any audience can understand and enjoy. Shane’s seminars are a much-needed reminder to young and old alike of the origins of our country, the God given rights we hold, and the sacrifices that have been made to make our country great.

TAIT D. ELKIECouncilmemberTown of Fountain Hills/Attorney

Shane Krauser’s lecture left me hungering for his insight into that amazing document, the Constitution of the United States. Shane is able to dissect a complicated, seeming dichotomy, illustrate the different concepts involved and reveal the consistency of natural law contained in the genius of that document.


Shane is answering the call Jefferson would make if he had a cell phone to reach us! The Academy ROCKS!!!


While many lawyers tend to stick with their own and believe they have a monopoly on an understanding of the law, Shane Krauser breaks the mold. Under Shane’s direction, the Academy is effectively reaching out to mainstream America on important constitutional issues, demanding accountability, and educating others on the Constitution and important principles of liberty in ways that are empowering, understandable, and, in so many ways, unprecedented.

PAUL CASSELLPresidential Professor of Law at the S.J. Quinney College of Law, University of Utah/Former U.S. District Court Judge(SLC, UT)

Shane Krauser is the best speaker you’ll ever hear on the Constitution, and he’s doing it for the right reasons. He’s made his way into the public schools and gained national media attention. Shane is set to go BOOM nationwide in a huge way because he has the right message and a compelling delivery style.

JENI WHITE(Ahwatukee, AZ)