Courses and Seminars

Constitution I

The invigorating history behind the Constitution and the principles that will preserve us a nation – 8 hours
  1. “Does it Feel Good to be King?” Rights, privileges, and principles of sovereignty and why we are a republic and not a democracy.
  2. “To Try Men’s Souls.” Changing America by understanding the Constitution of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
  3. “Who Wins: Public Safety or Individual Rights?” The various amendments and their protections.
  4. “How to Argue the Constitution and Win Every Time.” Debating constitutional issues by eliminating emotion, arguing facts, and understanding the Constitution.

Constitution II

Overview of our system of government, federalism, and the functions of the government branches – 8 hours
  1. “What Authority Does the Government Have?” Our legal system and the role the government branches are intended to play.
  2. “Seriously? You don’t think I can enact any law I want?” Article I of our Constitution and how it is intended to severely restrict government action.
  3. “All Rise!” Energetic, interactive simulation involving the judicial branch and Article III of our Constitution.
  4. “Don’t Tread on Me!” The purpose of the 10th Amendment, the concerns of large government, and the benefits of allowing the States to run their own show.

Constitution III

Fundamental protections and rights: speech, religion, arms, due process, and equal protection – 8 hours
  1. “The Right to Advocate, the Right to Offend, or Both?” The marketplace of ideas and areas of protected and forbidden speech.
  2. “One Nation Under God?” Religious freedoms, its original intent, and whether separation of church and state really exists.
  3. “Is Disarming the Citizenry Reasonable? Constitutional?” The Second Amendment and the right to protect ourselves.
  4. “The 14th Amendment and Citizenship, Due Process, and Equal Protection. Just the Facts, Please!” Ratified in 1868, learn the principles and the four primary protections of the 14th Amendment.

Constitution IV

Rights which protect us from government intrusion: 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Amendments – 8 hours
  1. “Uncle Sam, Keep Your Hands Off of Me!” The Fourth Amendment protections and when the government can intrude.
  2. “The Right to Remain Silent?” The original intent of the Fifth Amendment and where the Supreme Court went wrong.
  3. “Kill All the Lawyers?” The original intent behind the Sixth Amendment and what it is designed to protect.
  4. “Off with his Head! What is Cruel and Unusual Punishment Anyways?” Historical analysis of this amendment. Prepare to experience an increased heart rate as we discuss some hot-button issues.

Constitution V

Capture the American spirit followed by a seminar on learning to debate constitutional issues – 8 hours
  1. “America the Beautiful!” Listen to the inspirational story of our nation – from Columbus’ voyage of discovery through the fires of revolution and civil war to America’s emergence as a world power – all through the presentation of 20 flags.
  2. Breakout Workshop #1 – Learn from professionals about the art of persuasion. In these workshops, not only will you learn even more about the Constitution, you will have the time of your life as you learn to debate this fascinating document.
  3. Debate Session #1 and #2 (four hours ) – Participate or just observe. We will go head-to-head and learn how we, as Americans, can win the battle intellectually and emotionally. Numerous issues will be debated in a more formal setting, and you will be the voice.